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Lullaby of the Closing Eye Poetry

Hey everyone! Guess what? I finally did it! This right here is my very first poem Lullaby of the Closing Eye, ever. I gotta admit, I’m feeling a little nervous sharing it, but mostly excited to see what you guys think.

So, if you have a sec, leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Good or bad, any feedback helps me get better, right?

Lullaby of the Closing Eye

Thanks for being here and hanging out while I take this creative leap!


The sun dips low, a fiery kiss, Across the clouds, a twilight hiss. A gentle breeze whispers through the trees, Rustling leaves in lullabies.

The day unfurls, its pages read, The weight of tasks begins to recede. Muscles loosen, a sigh escapes, As slumber’s call the body drapes.

Eyes grow heavy, eyelids droop, Thoughts slow their pace, a mental soup. The book unread lays on the nightstand tall, Replaced by dreams that softly call.

The ticking clock, a rhythmic friend, Counting moments that have no end. The room grows dim, the shadows creep, As worries hush and troubles sleep.

The mind, a canvas, fades to white, Replaced by visions bathed in light. A silent film, a world unknown, Where only whispers softly groan.

The Weaver of Dreams

A tapestry unfolds in sleep’s embrace, Woven threads of memory and space. Familiar faces, landscapes fair, A kaleidoscope, both strange and rare.

Footsteps echo in a silent hall, A whispered name, a distant call. Emotions dance, a fleeting show, Laughter mingles, tears may flow.

The weaver spins, with nimble hand, A world surreal, a wonderland. The logic’s hold begins to wane, Replaced by whims that twist and strain.

Time bends and warps, a twisted course, The present fades, replaced by force. A child once more, on fields of green, Chasing butterflies, a joyous scene.

The Rude Awakening

A jarring sound, a piercing light, The dream dissolves, replaced by night. The alarm clock screams, a cruel decree, Banishing sleep’s sweet reverie.

Heavy eyelids fight to stay, The warmth of slumber melts away. The mind resists, a sluggish start, Longing still for the world of the heart.

The body aches, a weary groan, The weight of day, a heavy stone. Muscles protest, a silent plea, For just a moment, let me be.

But duty calls, the world awakes, The spell is broken, reality takes. The day unfolds, a brand new page, Leaving behind the slumber’s stage.

Bonus – Twilight’s Embrace

The world between, a hazy space, Where dreams and wakefulness embrace. Half-closed eyes, a blurry scene, The mind adrift, a silent stream.

The final thoughts before the night, As slumber claims its fading light. A gentle sigh, a peaceful rest, The body surrenders, finally blessed.

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