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Life: Embracing Reality for Resilient Living

In the intricate tapestry of life, it’s often tempting to shield ourselves from the harsh realities that lurk beyond the curtain of ignorance. Accepting life on its own terms can be a formidable challenge, requiring us to relinquish comforting illusions and face the world unadorned. Author and thinker Ben Le Fort takes us on a journey through five illusions he dispelled to foster a life of greater freedom and diminished worry.

1. Illusion of Control:

The false notion that we control the intricate dance of life is a pervasive illusion. Le Fort reflects on his entrepreneurial journey, realizing that despite his efforts, he couldn’t orchestrate every facet of his business, clients, or market conditions. The revelation that control is an illusion led him to focus on the one aspect he could govern – himself. By understanding that life is akin to a pachinko machine, where adjustments can be made, but uncertainty prevails, he advocates embracing the unpredictability of external factors and letting go of the illusion of control.


2. Illusion of Others’ Investment:

A common misbelief is that the world is heavily invested in our individual journeys. Le Fort candidly expresses that, in reality, most people are preoccupied with their own lives. Breaking free from the fear of judgment or rejection, he encourages acknowledging that the majority won’t invest much thought in our endeavors. This revelation grants the freedom to pursue personal goals without the weight of external opinions.

3. Illusion of Invincibility:

The belief that tragedy only befalls others is a comforting yet deceptive notion. Le Fort confronts the ubiquity of risk and uncertainty, emphasizing that disasters, both personal and societal, can happen to anyone. By acknowledging this reality, one can alleviate anxiety and better navigate life’s challenges with resilience and a proactive mindset.

4. Illusion of Immortality:

The assumption of living into old age is a prevalent illusion. Le Fort reminds us of the brevity of life, quoting Stoic philosophy’s memento mori – a call to remember our mortality. Rather than inducing fear, this acknowledgment serves as a reminder to utilize time wisely and purposefully, fostering a sense of urgency in pursuing meaningful endeavors.

5. Illusion of the End:

The misconception that challenges diminish after overcoming a particular obstacle is another illusion. Drawing from the Haitian proverb, “Beyond mountains are more mountains,” Le Fort emphasizes that life’s journey is a continuous climb. Rather than seeking perpetual ease, he advocates for cultivating strength and resilience to confront subsequent challenges, becoming a source of support for others.

In conclusion, Le Fort acknowledges the difficulty of accepting life on its terms. The journey involves peering into the unsettling realities of the world, acknowledging dangers and uncertainties. However, armed with this knowledge, individuals can plan strategically and navigate life’s complexities with greater understanding. It’s an ongoing process, marked by frustration and discouragement, but the acceptance of life’s terms brings a profound sense of peace. Le Fort’s journey serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of embracing reality, allowing for growth, resilience, and a deeper connection with the true nature of existence.


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