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Climate Change

Climate Tech Revolution: Made in Europe

Climate change casts a long shadow over Europe. Rising temperatures, increasingly volatile weather patterns, and rising sea levels threaten ecosystems, infrastructure, and the very fabric of European life. In response, the European Union (EU) has embarked on an ambitious green…

A Path to Addressing the Climate Crisis

Introduction: In the face of the urgent climate crisis, the need for transformative action has never been more apparent. The call for “stubborn optimism,” as articulated by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac in ‘The Future We Choose,’ resonates as a…

Tesla: Unveiling the Whistleblower’s Tale

Introduction about Tesla Lukasz Krupski, a former Tesla employee turned whistleblower, reveals critical issues with Tesla’s self-driving technology. Questions about Elon Musk’s leadership and the company’s ethical decision-making are surfacing. Krupski’s disclosures, combined with other alarming incidents, portray a concerning…

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